Can you be dynamic, in a static World?

Achieving what you want within the timeframe you decide is, indeed happiness. At least for myself.
Most of my life I was afraid of not being able to make it and now I know why.

There are some external contributors that keep on giving and they weight more than we give them credit for.

In my case I can point out:

  • Parents: Both my parents are around 65 years old. It means they went through dictatorship, civil war and censorship. Their values were totally different from the ones I grew up with.  They were afraid and they valued individual expression as the pot of gold in the end of the rainbow, just because they didn’t have.
  • Friends: Your closed friends, are probably your own age and they were affected as well by the same background. They echoed the same challenges their circumstance gave them.
  • All the others: As long as you live in the same country, with the same people, things will not be that different, people are a product of their environment for sure.

So what happens when all the factors around you are static, how can you be dynamic?

In my case, the solution was called COACHING.
Everyone talks about it but why do some mention it has the Holy Grail?

My trainer said it best: – Coaching is a meeting with yourself. So I will ask you this, how long has it been for you? When did you last book your ME time?
Time to think about your dreams and projects, to look behind and ahead? To make decisions?

After having a coach I decided I would become one myself because the tools were so powerful.

Here are my five takeaways from the impact of coaching:

  1. PERSPECTIVE: Coaching is all about your perspective on a certain situation that happened to you. The most interesting part is that you can change that view, you can bend it and adjust it in order to match your needs.
  2. WILLINGNESS: During my coaching process I learned that I didn’t do certain things because I was not willing to. I didn’t know why but most of all I wasn’t aware of the values behind wanting that. Once I did it my willingness to make changes skyrocketed.
  3. DISCIPLINE: This one is my Achilles Heel. I want to do a lot but when it comes to discipline, it’s a mess. I always miss something because I am not doing what I said I would. With the coaching systematic approach, I was able to tame myself making sure I was doing what I said I would allocating specific times – so this was a game-changer in my life.
  4. STUMBLING BLOCKS: We all have stumbling blocks along our path. Those who say they don’t are lying to themselves. Life wouldn’t be half fun if you didn’t have those. With my coaching practice, I learned ways to identify them ahead and find strategies to go above and around. It’s important to know that you have all capacities to do it, on your own terms.
  5. WORTHY: Being worthy has become a disease because everyone thinks they are not worthy if they don’t belong to a certain box. Maybe it’s social media, maybe it’s life, maybe it’s us. Now more than ever we want to fit within what is “correct”. I have learned through coaching that I can be worth regardless because life should be on my own terms.

I am not sure if Coaching is the Holy Grail but it has helped grow in ways that I never thought it would in a short period of time.

Because I believe that this has been a huge game-changer in my life I am giving away three individual Coaching sessions for the first three that sign up for my newsletter.
For the following subscribers a special discount rate for a pack of 3 sessions.

See you on the other side of personal growth!

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