When are you truly free?

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]“You are only free when you realize you belong no place—you belong every place.”[/blockquote] Brene Brown writes in her last book.

So, would you choose to live life intensely if you could?
Most of us wouldn’t. When you live life intensely you are also challenged constantly.

Intense moments are those where you are fully present. There is no past or future and everything intertwines as it is supposed to. We can all choose to live an intense life, to search constantly for new experiences but knowing they will change us profoundly and expand who we are … it is sometimes scary.

But it also means that wherever you go and are you should make it count every step of the way and live those moments to the limit because they are fleeting.

Last week I was in the US and a new friend told me: – I know you became part of us so easly , because you fit in and you are just like us .

Being like them, means fitting into a tribe and a group of people that u can identify yourself with.

So, why I am able to make and keep American friends despite what everyone says about friendships on the other side of the pond?

We tend to box people. If you are tall and pretty, if you wear glasses, if you run, if you like to travel, if you are from a certain country or area. I mean, let’s play this game and tell me if you have never done this before.

We all have. I have. We come from a place of judgement , judging what is different from us. Because it usually makes our life easier. We want to be normal, and usually this means being equal to those we know.

Living in the US for a couple of times now, I have realised that I have been able to make and keep really good American friends – it’s about 20 years and counting, because I am avoiding judgement. People are people, and once you know you belong with them…

…the race, nationality, background or social status doesn’t really matter.

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