Websummit – It’s all about the love

Love ❤️ and tech in the time of @tinder with Sean Rad at #webSummit #thisIsLisbon #entrepreneur
Love ❤️ and tech in the time of @tinder with Sean Rad at #webSummit #thisIsLisbon #entrepreneur

Day 2 officially started, and you could feel already the long days and nights. It’s true the space supports all the 55.000 people but if you have all those people at the same time we might have some troubles navigating the sea of humans.

[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”]For me the coolest stage was the centre stage, end of the day with Tech and Love in the age of Tinder with the CEO Sean Rad.[/columns][columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]Maybe because it was an APP that so many of us talked about, or maybe due to his lack of likability, I could not miss it.[/columns]

A lot of us installed the APP while there. A lot of us tested the APP live but basically the coolest outcomes of the conversation where all about the importante of the connections between people.

It usually does not have to do with the way you meet them but Tinder works as a buffer, as a platform to reach out to second level giving you the empowerment of talking to others without feeling shy about it.

It’s very cool how people can smell “fakeness” from photos, according to their sociologist and in the end it’s all about a meaningful match.

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