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Female Entrepreneurship  If you would like to subscribe my channel and hear all the news I have prepared for Hacking Female Entrepreneurship you can start by checking out my interviews on the Portuguese television about Unemployment and my first TedTalk in Portugal.


ted-entrepreneurshipThe capacity that we have about turning a down into an up is really a soft skill that we can acquire. During this TedTalk I explain how it felt being fired and how it turned out to be one of the best learning opportunities in my life.


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How to deal with the Frustrations of Being Unemployed

interview female entrepreneurship

In this show the central debate is how one should deal with the frustrations of being unemployed plus all the stigma around the topic.

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How to make a good Resumé

interview female entrepreneurship

It is always hard to review and create a good resumé. Nowadays there are so many creative people that are able to reach their potential employers. So what are the basic mistakes you should avoid and what are the best tips.

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Top 10 lessons for entrepreneurs

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Because we all learn a couple of lessons along the way. Here are the 10 lessons that nobody should avoid neither run away from, because most of us bump into this.





 5 tips to create a successful business

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Here are the 5 tips that I advice anyone who want to create a business in Portugal. It’s challenging but it’s possible.

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