How do you know you are around the right people?

You know…
Because there is a sense of belonging.
The feeling that, it matters to be around the right people. Finding your Tribe is not always easy, but once you connect you’re in.
Most of us spend the day running to work, getting dinner ready and hustling constantly, so this leaves no space for getting more out of life.
Deeply connecting with people that are just like us is fundamental to make sure we are not alone, regardless our situation in life.
What has #YTILI taught me about International Relations, Diplomacy and a United Europe by placing me living with 4 other different countries, and giving me access to 50 people from around Europe?
  • That we Europeans, are Europeans when traveling outside Europe and this is how we position ourselves;
  • That we have all been around each other trying to deal with the good and the bad;
  • That we have survived hating and loving each other, supporting and sometimes just letting the others do their own thing;
  • That we are so different, and because of that we always try to learn from those differences;
  • That most of us like each other, and do believe in contributing to a future together.
But most of all, this learning experience has made me realise that despite our differences if we have a common goal, we can definitely make it happen.
As young Entrepreneurs Bridging the Transnational relations between Europe and the US with is a long term solution, because by understanding and deeply connecting with each other we can work together for years to come.

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