The last 10 years taught me that…

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]Some things are not worth my time, some people won’t last a decade by my side, some moments will shape me forever.[/blockquote]

We are taught that we need to be one thing. What if I love the plurality of what defines me. What if I don’t want to be confined to a certain box. What if what makes me a human is being vulnerable and that is exactly the strongest point that I have in my favor?

For me, this year, is the closing cycle of a decade. We should determine our decades considering the important moments in our lives, moments that changed us and mine was 2008.

Here is what I learned along the way:

#1 Not compromising is liberating

We get tied down to things and people. Sometimes having a chance to chase sunsets is the best thing in the World. Having the freedom to pack your bags and leave whenever you want is a sign of independence, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

#2 Learning about investing money should be a priority

Money grows itself. If you know how. I learned that I never took the time, in the last decade, to make money work for me. Wouldn’t it be magical if the money grew a bit on my bank account every year?

#3 Launching an online business should be taken into consideration

I had time to fail a couple of times. Never did dedicate myself to do the hard work of an online business but launched two offline ventures. It’s part of my learning process. And this one is a project for the next decade. It’s never too late to launch whatever you want.

#4 Getting married earlier in life it’s ok

I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t get married young. But freedom can also be accomplished with the right partner. Getting married by thirty allows you to focus on what’s important and avoid all the craziness surrounding the single life. My little cousin taught me that.

#5 Volunteer outside your comfort zone

Seeing the World is also being uncomfortable – do it often and for at least 6 months at a time. You will learn that it’s not rainbows and unicorns and you will value a bit more what you have.

#6 Your parents won’t last forever

Never have I ever worried about my parents health. I though they would be young forever and the truth is time flies by so fast. When you look back they are 80 years old and too old to be around. Treasure them.

#7 Working out everyday is more about health than beauty

I hated the gym and workout for the past 10 years. It was not for me. However I have realised that it is so important, mainly because it helps your brain function better and faster. It will lead to a better life overall.

#8 Keep my reading habits

Always read, bought a kindle and it is, so far, the best gadget I own. I can’t get over it and I am a compulsive reader. To be honest I would not change anything except probably start and finish one each time and don’t read 10 at the same time.

#9 Be more careful with my time

I know it sounds lame, but usually we waste time in things that don’t allow us to grow. We need a break and we can have one, but we don’t need a break every hour of every day.

#10 We are allowed to leave on our own terms

Having the life we want should belong to us. We should be able to choose to live however we want without feeling guilty about what society wants. Meaning that it’s ok to live on our own terms even if they sound strange to others.

What have you learned on the past decade, and what lessons are you taking with you?

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