All good things…

It's all about the new connections formed , when something ends it's not the end... it's just a new beginning ! #websummit #entrepreneur
It’s all about the new connections formed , when something ends it’s not the end… it’s just a new beginning ! #websummit #entrepreneur

All good things in life come to an end… here is just the beginning…

Maybe because was my first, maybe because I was so overwhelmed, maybe because I wanted all.

I have always enjoyed and loved this gathering with all the people at the same time, the energy, the connection, the feeling that we can make it happen is amazing.

To be honest I was not sure what to expect and so my word was overwhelming. My day 0 was so awesome that I stayed up till late, therefore the next day I was already tired to start with and all this energy level was decreasing constantly, but I was moved by the power of the #makeItCount.

Things I learned:

It is very important to do the homework. So I did:

  • Joined This group for women in tech which was really helpful
  • Contacted some people I wanted to see during the event
  • Printed an excel sheet in paper to mark the time to meet all the people and certain places – always helps in case something fails


Don’t stress.

  • Yes you will probably miss a lot, is part of the game, but with everything happening at once, it’s normal
  • Find a place that you feel comfortable to chill during the day, it’s impossible to be running day and night. For me was the Women in Tech Longe which I loved, as I also meet a lot of women there it was very easy
  • Make sure you have people you know to also relax with them, it’s impossible to be on networking mood 24/7 you also need some down time, so you gather strength


Keep in touch.

  • We know it’s not the end when we close the door, because sometimes it’s just another opportunity
  • Everyone will be in the same situation, therefore just make sure you can follow up because it will be very useful to meet people on Skype afterwards when all the storm has calmed down
  • Make sure you get something out of it and initiate a project or something you want

See you next year!

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