The craziest online Business

We all have seen some crazy business online. The ones that we don’t even understand how they got there and are still making money.

Check out the ones that actually made us cringe…

[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”]From Fired to $500-K a month

  • Yes, mash up online and homeopathic product and there you have it…

Hotjar from 0 to 1 Million in six months 

  • It’s all about scalling faster , that’s what he did.

[/columns][columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]

Daniel and his $180 million company

  • Sometimes you only need $24.000 and a crazy dream

From a potato create a small fortune

  • You will think: – Why not me…


Sometime it’s all about being too crazy and a small idea might be it!
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