Let go of what no longer serves you

Have you ever felt it’s hard to let go?

Did you live those moments where was so hard to say goodbye because everything was so in the flow that the connections made so much sense that you couldn’t let go?

I know these hurt because they reach your soul. They make you vibrate and utterly they are the right thing, at the right moment, with the right people.

When I go through those moments I know everything makes sense. I know and I can’t let it pass without acknowledging how important it was for me and how it changed me a little bit.

Attachment is almost always seen as something negative because it means you need it. It’s a feeling that without that, things will not be the same. The truth is they will never be the same.

That’s why creating and living in the momentum is good for you, because you will always have that.

The 3A’s to deal with attachment
Acknowledge Knowing that things that make you happy also make you attched, if you want to know they exist you can deal with it.

AbsorbRealising that all good experiences will make part of your DNA forever. They will be good for years to come and you will become better because you lived them with an open heart

Analyse – Take the time to understand why things happened that way. Why you behaved how you did. If you understand why you can get so attched, you also can integrate suffering and understand it’s part of the process.

Becoming attached means it was good.
Integrating it means you were able to love, live and be present without any strings.
Moving forward says you are ready for all the good things that are yet to come.

Don’t let yourself be hold prisoner of that single moment, endure it because you will become a much better person.

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