Is Karma a Bitch?

This year I lived with at a Buddhist Monastery for 10 days.

The Nepalese monks have a philosophy of life that transcends what we are used to. Their path is spiritual and they thrive on compassion above all things possible.

During my spiritual retreat I learned about ignorance, pride, doubt, attachment and a lot about Karma.
In my mind Karma worked like a bitch. [blockquote align=”none” author=””]Bringing the worst of everything into this lifetime experience.[/blockquote]

However I’ve realised, after all the lessons that Karma, as seems by the Buddhists will bring you a clear picture of why things are the way they are.

In their perspective, Karma equals action. You can act through 3 doors: the body, the mind and the speech.

What leads the body is the mind so you have an intention – which means moving the mind to the object – you have the driving force behind doing what you do.

Karma is essentially a law of cause and effect and it has 4 characteristics that, when understood should help you sort out your energetic Karma.

1) Karma is definite
Good actions will certainly bring good results

2) Karma expands
Small actions can lead to a big result

3) If you haven’t created it you can’t experience it
Your experience is the result of your own actions

4) Karma doesn’t expire
If you create an action it will be intemporal, and not within a certain timeframe.

The most interesting part of Karma is that although you might have it imprinted on your life it needs the right conditions to happen.

It’s like a virus, it needs a certain environment to develop. When you make sure that the environment is not the best for the virus, even if somehow exists, it won’t be able to develop itself.

So Karma, is only a bitch if you let it take over your own life and if you let it expand creating the conditions for it.

Practice actions that result on good Karma and the tables should turn on your favor.

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