Fu*k the cookie-cutter life

If you were taught in the old system, like me, probably having good grades, lead to a nice school. A nicer school lead to a better job. Having all those ducks in a row was a guarantee to find the perfect husband, to built the best house and to raise 2.5 happy and beautiful kids. Fu*k the cookie-cutter life!

Let me say again Fu*k that!

What about being single and happy? Travelling the World and work remotely, becoming your best version and being free?

What about writing a novel because you can, raising a million dollars or volunteer for 3 years in Africa? What about having 3 kids and marry on your 20’s?
Why shouldn’t you be whomever you want in this time and age, whatever that is?

The cookie-cutter life is what you are supposed to do.

And by supposed I mean what society expects you to be.
Things are changing, but there is always the what you need to do lurking on the shadows.

You are not alone.

After a quick Google search: what are you supposed to do with your life returned around 6 530 000 000 results.

There is a whole website with this question: http://www.wtfshouldidowithmylife.com/

LifeHack website also gives you some clues: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/work/you-dont-know-what-with-your-life-read-this.html

Rebecca gives you a step-by-step process: https://medium.com/@rebecca_beaton/what-the-fuck-should-i-do-with-my-life-a-step-by-step-process-ca077d09d6f7

You can also turn to Quota: https://www.quora.com/What-are-you-supposed-to-do-with-your-life

To be hones I think whatever you do should be on your own terms. Right now I am reading/listening to 3 things to help me out deal with this:

1. Simon Sinek: Basically you need to start with Why you do the things you do
2. Joe Dispenza:  “The Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” is a very cool book. I am a huge fan because indeed the messages are totally out of what is usually explained
3. Bill Burnet: The book that I am addicted to, because you can actually design a life that matches you wants and needs.

Hope you throw away your cookie-cutter and create your own.

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