Are you following your dreams like if you were 18?

Have you ever searched the meaning of the word dream? A dream is classified as a half-conscious state, a daze, the holy grail, a target, a desire, a yearning, a fantasy, an illusion…

A dream is a lot of things. The curious thing about it, is that, not once it says it’s unrealistic, it’s hard to get, it’s something unachievable, so I am wondering why is that?

What changed for you since you were 18? We all dream about changing the World. It might be a secret so closed within that it’s hard to grasp, but the truth is somehow we are up for changing the World somehow.

At that point in time we were strong enough to live intense lives because every experience was unbelievable powerful and we used to go for it no matter what.

[blockquote align=”left” author=””]I lost it along the way. Lost the fantasy of the possibilities, chose to desire what is expected from me and aimed for a convencional target.[/blockquote]


Why did I do it? Maybe because my fears were bigger than my dreams. If I am happy about it? Hell no. And if it’s not a HELL YES I shouldn’t be losing my time with it. Because time is the only thing that goes faster than you can say banana. It’s like age, it goes by, and will be lost forever.

HOW I shifted and what I am doing now instead:


  • Don’t shrink away from them. Pursuing moments that will be memorable and will teach me a new lesson are a requirement on my daily life.


  • Finding those who challenge me emotionally and professionaly is essential. They do exist, if I don’t have them close by is because I am barking at the wrong tree.


  • An asset that leaves me forever once the door closes. It’s my time here on Earth. The #MakeItCount never made more sense. Once it’s gone, it’s over and will never come back. My advice? Use it wisely as if it were the last precious stone you will ever hold, because it it.


  • Some people just know it. They were born with a talent and they believe that’s their path. I never had a defined purpose but I always wanted to write, change peoples’ lives and being able to travel around the World. It daunts me that I might never find it, but do I have to? Can I use my time to do things that I always wanted instead of having an answer for what my purpose is?

Finding your own FOUR shifts will help you living a better life instead of looking back and think what you lost along the way.

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