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[blockquote align=”none” author=”Heraclitus”]Nothing is Permanent, except Change. [/blockquote]

I have been lucky and that might be because I believe that everything that I search is also searching me back.

If you are here, you might want to know my background, so here it goes…

During my academic endeavors I studied between the USA, Spain and Portugal where I did my Undergraduate studies. My Alma Mater, the Portuguese Catholic University was ranked by the Financial Times as the Best Business School in Portugal and on the Top 20 list worldwide. I hold a Masters degree by University ISCTE and am currently a PhD student on an integrated doctoral program with the Nova University in Portugal and UT Austin in Texas.


When I was 16 I founded my first Youth Association and 10 years later I started my first company in events management business. Although this one didn’t work out for more then two years, four years later I was crazy enough to open a restaurant. I no longer have it but it was a hell of a ride and gave me the experience to do anything I want.

Having a business is like surfing, if you ever surfed you know what I am talking about. Everything is constantly changing, so you have to be on top of your game.

Between all these I was fired and wrote my first book, because it was an intense and harsh process. Now I have the tools to empower anyone who was fired to make the best out of it. Because of that event I scored a monthly appearance on a Portuguese TV show on a national channel.

Being a connector and a peoples’ person I have been training and teaching at university level for over 10 years. I was a TEDx Speaker also in Portugal as well as awesome conferences and events throughout the country.

My three biggest lessons along the way:


  • If it ain’t fun you should be doing it.  Time is not forever, we always forget that. So we should be bringing something to our table and making it the best time of our lives, because it’s not going to last
  • Don’t be afraid.  The World won’t bite you back, usually it will let you be whatever you want. It’s all about the courage to face our own demons to own them
  •  Just try over and over again. at a certain point let the chips fall where they may – they will always fall on the right place

If you have any questions I am always up for some chat.

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